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NCR collection services operate on a contingent basis: NO RECOVERY NO FEE. It is in our best interest to collect as swiftly as possible using state of the art technologies with highly sophisticated collection strategies designed to ensure both maximum recovery ratios and full legal compliance. Our objective is to evaluate, negotiate, and create the circumstances within which the debt can successfully be liquidated with the aim of maximizing cash flow, reducing financing costs, and maintaining debtor goodwill and future trading relationships. At NCR we assess each and every debt submitted in great detail before deciding what course of action we will take to recover overdue amounts. As each case has to be judged on its own merits, the type of debt collection action will depend on certain criteria such as the amount of the debt, the profile of the debtor, and the feasibility of recovery. Client benefits include enhanced debt recovery rates, freed-up internal resources, as well as improved cash flow and profitability.


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